Everyday breakfast ideas

Good morning all!

I haven’t been active lately as I wanted to be. Well I have the best excuse – my baby boy, who takes all my love and energy 😅 and gives me all the happiness.

I’m currently getting use to my new regime and will be more active here, where I’ll share you my favourite fall recipes (some of them vegan 🌱) and prepare for Christmas with some work up ideas.

Stay tuned for the upcoming fall recipes and in the meantime here are some healthy breakfast ideas, just because I have breakfast few times per day.

Avocado and smoked salmon toast on a pumpkin seeds bread;
Scrambled eggs on pumpkin seeds bread
Raspberry smoothie bowl

•1½ banana⁣
•1 cup frozen raspberries ⁣
•100-150ml almond milk⁣
•1 tbsp honey⁣
• almond flakes ⁣
• chia seeds⁣

Blend all the ingredients, place in a bowl and decorate with fruits, almond flakes and chia seeds. ⁣


Rosie 💐

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